The board’s function is to determine ICMA’s strategy and major policy matters of the Association and to supervise the Chief Executive, the executive committee and the functions of ICMA generally.

The following board committees assist it in performing its supervisory role:

  1. the audit, compliance and governance committee oversees compliance by the Association with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to it in order to enable the board to conduct appropriate supervision of the Association's regulatory affairs and for overseeing, controlling and reporting on the budgetary process and financial control of ICMA
  2. the oversight committee supervises the executive committee and any committee established by the executive committee
  3. the compensation committee reviews and recommends the compensation of the Association’s senior executives to the board

The board comprises 22 members, 21 of which are normally elected by the general meeting and one of which, the Chief Executive, is appointed by the board. The term of office of each of the 21 elected board members is three years. At each ordinary general meeting one-third of the 21 elected board members (i.e. seven) must retire. Retiring board members may be re-elected for one additional consecutive term of office of three years. When a board member leaves the board prior to the expiry of his/her term of office the nomination committee appoints a successor to the board who completes the predecessor’s term of office. The Chief Executive is an “ex-officio” board member during the tenure as Chief Executive. The statutes stipulate that when considering the nomination of candidates for the board elections at the general meeting, the nomination committee’s selection of the candidates must reflect a balanced representation in the board of:

  • the geographic composition of the Association and the current importance in the international capital markets of particular regions or areas
  • the various functions in the markets

A candidate for board membership is typically expected 

  • to be involved in the capital markets’ business
  • to exercise a function at a senior level (managing director or equivalent) within his/her member firm
  • to be able to commit resources of his/her member firm in capital markets for ICMA activities
  • to be able to participate in ICMA committees and working groups as chairman or otherwise and to represent ICMA at conferences and other public events from time to time

The current board members are:

Janet Wilkinson Janet Wilkinson (Chair)
RBC Europe Limited
term: until the AGM 2025
Jean-Luc Lamarque Jean-Luc Lamarque (Deputy Chair)
Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank
term: until the AGM 2025
Gareth Allen Gareth Allen
term: until the AGM 2026
Adam Bothamley Adam Bothamley
term: until the AGM 2027
Charlotte Conlan Charlotte Conlan
BNP Paribas
term: until the AGM 2027
Malie Conway Malie Conway
Allianz Global Investors GmbH
term: until the AGM 2026
Fabianna Del Canto Fabianna Del Canto
MUFG Securities EMEA plc
term: until the AGM 2027
Dr. Frank Engels Dr. Frank Engels
Union Asset Management Holding AG
Frankfurt am Main
term: until the AGM 2025
Carey Evans Carey Evans
BlackRock (Netherlands) B.V., Brussels Branch
term: until the AGM 2027
Stephen Fisher Stephen Fisher
Deutsche Bank AG
term: until the AGM 2025
Jérôme Jean Haegeli Jérôme Jean Haegeli
Swiss Re Management Ltd
term: until the AGM 2027
Reiko Hayashi Reiko Hayashi
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
term: until the AGM 2026
Kun Hu Kun Hu
Bank of China Limited
term: until the AGM 2025
Eila Kreivi Eila Kreivi
European Investment Bank
term: until the AGM 2026
Marc Lewell Marc Lewell
J.P. Morgan Securities plc
term: until the AGM 2027
Cristiano Maffi Cristiano Maffi
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.
term: until the AGM 2026
Stéphane Malrait Stéphane Malrait
ING Bank N.V.
term: until the AGM 2027
Bryan Pascoe Bryan Pascoe (ex-officio as ICMA’s Chief Executive)
term: n/a
Henrik Raber Henrik Raber
Standard Chartered Bank
term: until the AGM 2025
Heleen van Rooijen Heleen van Rooijen
Nederlandse Waterschapsbank N.V.
The Hague
term: until the AGM 2026
Claudio Vittorio Volpi  Claudio Vittorio Volpi
UniCredit Bank GmbH
term: until the AGM 2025
William Weaver William Weaver
Citigroup Global Markets Limited
term: until the AGM 2026

Christophe Roupie
Christophe Roupie
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